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Market view (SPX, VIX, ASX)


Noting more indicative of a storm brewing then a full absence for the “wall of worry” in media to refuel rally with few bears and markets frozen in a complete state of complacency.
Overbought conditions everywhere with deteriorating participation and negative divergences.
NYSI flashes red
20140604 NYSI
VIX ready to sky rocket
20140604 VIX FWD
XJO ranging near the top
20140604 XJO channels
SPX hours overbought
20140604 SPX 2HRS
SPX days overbought
20140604 SPX DAYS
SPX weeks long developing rising wedge
20140604 SPX WEEKS

20/02/2014 view (XJO, XMM, XFJ)


10 days green
ASX is at the key reversal now and here is another load of charts as of 19/02 trades closure
S&P 200
6 months
20140219 XJO 6 months
12 months
20140219 XJO 12 months
and the 10 years view
20140219 XJO 10 years
- we are again at the key resistance now

No doubt the local market is driven by 2 biggies – mining and banks. Last bounce is fueled by mining, finances were lagging to keep up the the same speed.
Financial sector
6 months
20140219 XFJ 6 months
12 months
20140219 XFJ 12 months
and the helicopter view
20140219 XFJ 10 years

Mining (BHP made a major break out from the year long ranging, RIO is within the same raising channel)
6 months
20140219 XMM 6 months
12 months
20140219 XMM 12 months
high view
20140219 XMM 10 years

so with XJO we have now a topping negative divergence in RSI, sloping down MACD and the raising channel break
4hrs chart
20140219 XJO 3 months - 4hrs

24/01/2014 view (Sentiment, RUT, S&P200, ANZ, RIO)


Fear perfectly ripe to take a deep dive
20140124 FearGreed
NYSI dynamics finally reached it’s heights to start the reversal
If I took this one into account earlier, I’d be able to gain some extra with better timing
20140124 NYSI
Russel screams for correction on all charts beyond any reasonable sense for the same growth pace
20140124 RUT Days
20140124 RUT Week
Though if its real trend reversal it will take months to play out through intense congestion

ASX S&P200 made a rising wedge break
20140123 XJO 10 days (raising wedge)

In days the diamond resolves as it should so far. I noticed a very similar formation on XJO back in June-Aug 2013 but those times the trend continued.
This time the aggressive sell channel did not sustain but the moderate one is well confirmed
MA9 MA13 crosses MA20 and indicates the uptrend reversal with the lower bollinger band swaying away, ready to accommodate the emerging down trend.
I reckon we should see MA200 retest very soon.
20140124 XJO Days
In the weeks view the up trend is not changed yet
20140123 XJO Weeks Channels

Keeping close eye on banks ready to buy shorts but its is not confirmed yet where HS support still not broken
20140124 ANZ 6 months channels

RIO is nearly resumed the downtrend but the hours triangle is not broken yet.
20140124 RIO 6 months channels

11/01/2014 view (ASX:S&P200, AUD, Gold bugs)


Another boatload of charts.
S&P200 Still in congestion spread around MA50 and locked in the falling wedge.
20140111 XJO 10 days
Break with retest above 5305 will launch trend reversal aiming to retest 5457. Opposite break points to 5123 MA(200 and the last selloff resistance.
20140111 XJO days
BHP testing the bottom
20140111 BHP 6 months
20140111 BHP Weeks
Weekly XJO view sits at BB middle with negative RSI divergence not resolved yet.
Weekly $NYSI points to more upside whereas sharp $TNX decline may favor the shares rally to continue.
The same Treasure notes dive pushed AUD higher as expected.
20140111 TNX-FXA weekly
Sentiment is not at its peak yet.
Gold shapes IHS but the break out is no yet confirmed.
20140111 GOLD Days
MML, NCM, SLR testing resistance
20140111 MML 6 months
20140111 NCM days