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04/02/2014 view (MQG, WTIC)


While the selloff drama picks up the speed, it did not reach the bottom line of the channel yet where the biggest one day sell is still ahead.
AUD executed well the anticipated bounce heading to .92 heights.
MQG today finally punched the bottom of the 12 month channel line and entered into the sell territory along with the rest of the financials.
6 Months
20140130 MQG 6 months channels
12 months
20140130 MQG 12 months channels

I am keeping an eye on WTIC, waiting the final confirmation to enter the shorts
20140204 WTIC Weeks
20140204 WTIC Days

21/01/14 view – WTIC and shares


Crude oil (ZCL warrants)
WTIC days
20140121 WTIC days
WTIC weeks
20140121 WTIC weeks
WTIC months
20140121 WTIC months

Another boatloads of charts while XJO is in flat teritory.
Few of shares ready for trading
RIO Tinto points downwards
20140117 RIO 6months
BHP hits long term resistance
20140120 BHP SHT 6 weeks
CBA at its uptrend support
20140120 CBA 6 week
Medusa at resistance (gold did not draw any bounce out of the downtrend)
20140120 MML LNG 6 weeks
OGC looks like a bear trap with no volume at the breack out
20140120 MOGCLNG 6 weeks
Macquarie at its uptrend support
20140120 MQG SHT 6 weeks
SLR mixed feelings but looks very bullish
20140120 SLR LNG 6 weeks