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21/01/14 view – WTIC and shares


Crude oil (ZCL warrants)
WTIC days
20140121 WTIC days
WTIC weeks
20140121 WTIC weeks
WTIC months
20140121 WTIC months

Another boatloads of charts while XJO is in flat teritory.
Few of shares ready for trading
RIO Tinto points downwards
20140117 RIO 6months
BHP hits long term resistance
20140120 BHP SHT 6 weeks
CBA at its uptrend support
20140120 CBA 6 week
Medusa at resistance (gold did not draw any bounce out of the downtrend)
20140120 MML LNG 6 weeks
OGC looks like a bear trap with no volume at the breack out
20140120 MOGCLNG 6 weeks
Macquarie at its uptrend support
20140120 MQG SHT 6 weeks
SLR mixed feelings but looks very bullish
20140120 SLR LNG 6 weeks

11/01/2014 view (ASX:S&P200, AUD, Gold bugs)


Another boatload of charts.
S&P200 Still in congestion spread around MA50 and locked in the falling wedge.
20140111 XJO 10 days
Break with retest above 5305 will launch trend reversal aiming to retest 5457. Opposite break points to 5123 MA(200 and the last selloff resistance.
20140111 XJO days
BHP testing the bottom
20140111 BHP 6 months
20140111 BHP Weeks
Weekly XJO view sits at BB middle with negative RSI divergence not resolved yet.
Weekly $NYSI points to more upside whereas sharp $TNX decline may favor the shares rally to continue.
The same Treasure notes dive pushed AUD higher as expected.
20140111 TNX-FXA weekly
Sentiment is not at its peak yet.
Gold shapes IHS but the break out is no yet confirmed.
20140111 GOLD Days
MML, NCM, SLR testing resistance
20140111 MML 6 months
20140111 NCM days