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20/02/2014 view (XJO, XMM, XFJ)


10 days green
ASX is at the key reversal now and here is another load of charts as of 19/02 trades closure
S&P 200
6 months
20140219 XJO 6 months
12 months
20140219 XJO 12 months
and the 10 years view
20140219 XJO 10 years
- we are again at the key resistance now

No doubt the local market is driven by 2 biggies – mining and banks. Last bounce is fueled by mining, finances were lagging to keep up the the same speed.
Financial sector
6 months
20140219 XFJ 6 months
12 months
20140219 XFJ 12 months
and the helicopter view
20140219 XFJ 10 years

Mining (BHP made a major break out from the year long ranging, RIO is within the same raising channel)
6 months
20140219 XMM 6 months
12 months
20140219 XMM 12 months
high view
20140219 XMM 10 years

so with XJO we have now a topping negative divergence in RSI, sloping down MACD and the raising channel break
4hrs chart
20140219 XJO 3 months - 4hrs

11/02/14 View (XJO, shares)


XJO points to retest upper resistance.
The acceleration of the recent rally can be well attributed to the sell-off scenario and low volumes look very suspicious, it will well exhaust RSI by the time reaching it and drain out the last value investors. The general down trend still in play.
6 months
20140210 XJO 12 monthsl channels
12 months
20140210 XJO 6 monthsl channels

Despite I expected lower bounce level the short position has been played out ok and closed now.
MQG, CBA closed at SL.
RIO still consolidates and short position is neutral
Keeping an eye on the overbought NCM and progress of MQG decline to re-enter.
WTIC is not yet confirmed.
AUD is well in progress aiming .92 and not wellbaked for reversal.

04/02/2014 view (MQG, WTIC)


While the selloff drama picks up the speed, it did not reach the bottom line of the channel yet where the biggest one day sell is still ahead.
AUD executed well the anticipated bounce heading to .92 heights.
MQG today finally punched the bottom of the 12 month channel line and entered into the sell territory along with the rest of the financials.
6 Months
20140130 MQG 6 months channels
12 months
20140130 MQG 12 months channels

I am keeping an eye on WTIC, waiting the final confirmation to enter the shorts
20140204 WTIC Weeks
20140204 WTIC Days