Monthly Archives: January 2014

14 simple rules for 2014


1)Stand still after the trade completion to prevent the tilt -L20 5 days, L10 2 days
2) Execute trades last 30 minutes before session closure or 11 am if stop-loss.
3) 2nd BB brake likely reversal. BB 2 to medium, BB 2.5 to opposite BB, BB 3 weekly trend change. MA(7,13,20) to confirm trend reversal.
4) Enter trend reversal after confirmation with 2 days or 1 day with a gap.
5) Fib(20,2)+S/R+ MA(50,200) to point the exit.
6) RSI(7)+MACD divergence to detect coming reversal.
7) NYSI Slow STO+ BPNYA+CNN Fear to determine the weekly trend.
8) Underlying stop loss is fluid. Should put stop loss 20-30% away of its price.
9) Every trend break causes congestion at first.
10) Congestion is never profitable.
11) Add up max 50% to the right trade in first 1-2 days. Never to balance off the loss.
12) 30% deposit never in trade.
13) Cash out before major media events, continuous offline and approaching congestion.
14) L10 proactive plan, L15 turning confirmed, L20 in mature trend.