10 days green
ASX is at the key reversal now and here is another load of charts as of 19/02 trades closure
S&P 200
6 months
20140219 XJO 6 months
12 months
20140219 XJO 12 months
and the 10 years view
20140219 XJO 10 years
- we are again at the key resistance now

No doubt the local market is driven by 2 biggies – mining and banks. Last bounce is fueled by mining, finances were lagging to keep up the the same speed.
Financial sector
6 months
20140219 XFJ 6 months
12 months
20140219 XFJ 12 months
and the helicopter view
20140219 XFJ 10 years

Mining (BHP made a major break out from the year long ranging, RIO is within the same raising channel)
6 months
20140219 XMM 6 months
12 months
20140219 XMM 12 months
high view
20140219 XMM 10 years

so with XJO we have now a topping negative divergence in RSI, sloping down MACD and the raising channel break
4hrs chart
20140219 XJO 3 months - 4hrs